Goose Days Offer

Dear Guests,

We are waiting for you with lots of delicacies every day.
At weekends you can also enjoy your meal in our warm and cozy tent which is in the garden.

We also prepare special dishes, which can be found on the daily offer, it is worth to taste and the variety feels really good.

Please contact us for reservation and take-away by phone or e-mail, or click on the button below:

Telephone: +36 1 397 2742
Address: 1029 Budapest, Ördögárok u. 80.

Our opening hours from 12 am until 10 pm every day.

We hope to see you soon,
Restauran Náncsi Néni

Our Goose Days offers
strating from 24th November, 2023


Fresh, crispy goose greaves (LF)
Served with purple onion salad in vinegar and fresh bread.
3 570.-

Cold countryside duck liver confit with its dripping
Served with purple onion salad in vinegar, tomato and fresh bread.
9 850.-

Duck liver nibbles braised in their own grease, served in a small pot with fresh bread and purple onion salad in vinegar.
6 750.-


Goose broth with matzo balls (LF)
Served with soft and tender goose meat, vegetables and small noodles.
3 980.- / 7 dl

Pumpkin cream soup
Parfumed with a few drops of pumkin seed oil from Őrség and sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds.
2 620.- / 3,5 dl


Goose broth with matzo balls (LF)
1 990.- / 3,5 dl

Cassoulet, baked in iron pot (LF)
2 830.-

Goose liver pot with rice and vegetables (LF, GF)
3 770.-

Stuffed cabbage (GF)
2 890.-

Chestnut purée (GF)
1 290.-


Wedding goose – Crispy goose leg (LF)
A crisyp leg of goose with a slice of grilled duck liver, steamed red cabbage, in red wine stewed prune,
stewed apple with saffron and sautéed potatoes mashed up with onion.
8  450.-

Fresh duck liver with steamed grape
The duck liver is marinated in Sherry during a night then seared on a hot grill.
From the marinade we prepare a sauce in that stoned grapes are steamed.
We offer this delicious sauce to the nice duck liver served on coated milk-loaf.
12 400.-

Grilled duck liver slices
Served with roast apples, crispy onion rings and mashed potato.
12 400.-

Crispy goose leg (GF)
Served with mashed potato and in red wine steamed prune.
7 580.-

Cassoulet, baked in iron pot (LF)
With smoked breast of duck, stuffed gooseneck, pearl barley and hard-boiled egg.
5 660.-

Goose liver pot with rice and vegetables (LF, GF)
Vegetables were braised in goose broth, gooze gizzard and meat, then seared on onion with duck liver and finally mixed
with mushroom flavoured steamed rice. Served with steamed red cabbage and stewed apple with saffron.
7 540.-


Quavery cold pork in aspic (LF, GF)
With garlic, lemon and red paprika.
4 530.-

‘Joy’ stew (LF, GF)
Trotter stew, a little bit hot, served with boiled potato.
5 970.-

Crispy king prawns fried in panko crumbs (10 pieces, LF)
We serve this light dish with saffron seasoned rice, fresh salad and sweet chili sauce.
7 090.-

Stuffed cabbage (GF)
In soup plate with sour cream.
5 780.-

*Schär gluten free bread can be ordered.

*Your waiter gives information on allergen ingredients.


Chestnut purée (GF)
With whipped cream.
2 580.-

Hungarian poppy seed delicacy prepared by our way
With lots of opium, prepared from milk-loaf, then baked in oven until crispy.
Served with hot vanilla sauce.

2 580.-

Prepared from the best French Valrhona chocolate: chocolate soufflé
An artful dessert for the gourmets, baked in a small crock.
A soft, warm pastry outside and a hot, liquid chocolate within.
2 950.-

The invoice includes 15 % service charge.